All Matters of Taxation


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Complete Income Tax Preparation

Larson Tax Service offers a complete tax preparation service for individuals, trusts, estates, corporations, partnerships and tax exempt entities. We offer Electronic filing for free.


As enrolled agents we are licensed to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service. If you are audited or have any type of tax related problems, such as non filings, payroll taxes and collection issues we can help you solve the problem in the best way possible for you.

Business Record Keeping & QuickBooks Setup

Larson Tax Service has a certified Quick-Books Pro-Adviser on staff who can assist your business in: setting up and maintaining business and financial records. We will help you set up the chart of accounts and help you establish procedures to keep your records in order. We will assist with quarterly estimated payments, prepare and finalize all tax returns.


Tax Planning

Larson Tax Service will help you understand the ever-changing tax laws and how they apply to each taxpayers individual situation. We will help you plan for changing tax circumstances and adjust payments accordingly to avoid penalties. We will help you plan for and track the deductions to which you are entitled to pay the least amount of tax legally possible. By planning ahead we can assist you with keeping the records required by the tax law to claim deductions.